Back to the beginning 

I said in my last post I would rewind so here goes….I grew up in urban London with my Mum, Dad, much older sister (12 years my senior) who would be away at intervals throughout my childhood at uni or living with friends. Finally moving out of London to settle with her now husband and four children. I treasure the one and only grandparent I have known-my Nanna  💜x

We had an array of pets such as rabbits, hamsters, dogs and a budgie. I believe having these taught me early lessons about empathy, responsibility and ultimately loss. 

My memories of early childhood are positive until around the age of ten. Things began to change. The household environment became stressful due to many factors some out of mine or my parents control and though young I was aware. It’s strange what things good or bad you remember from childhood…..


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Just a woman with fibro blogging her journey ☺

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