I’m scared 

So I continue where i left off. Things were about to change…….

Although twenty years ago parts of this memory are still vivid as though it was yesterday. I was ten years old It was a sunny summers day and the school holidays. My dad was taking me and my best friend swimming. My dad was a strong swimmer where as I was a bit useless. I was in the pool enjoying myself diving under to pick up sinkers. I suddenly felt strange like I was not in my own body. An odd feeling I hadn’t experienced. My dad said we should go maybe I needed to eat. 
I don’t remember much about leaving the pool but I remember the car journey home.My eyes had funny bits moving around inside them and I couldn’t see properly. My mouth,lips and tongue had little feeling. My left arm hung lifeless and if I couldn’t see it I would have sworn it didn’t belong to me. I was aware of a feeling like someone was squeezing my head inside a vice like machine which intensified to a feeling of having my brain stabbed and twisted. Eurgh I suddenly felt so so sick. I arrived home ran straight inside and vomited over and over violently.I told my mum I was scared. My mum looked shocked and questioned me. She had a look that said she knew what was going on (migraine runs in the family). At this point I thought I was dying. I took to bed and that’s the depth of my memory. My first migraine.


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Just a woman with fibro blogging her journey ☺

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